"Anything that is not managed will deteriate"

- Bob Parsons

Stay on top of what you and your team are doing


Why Choose Better?

Better is easy to use and purpose built to make leading one-on-ones easy.

Save Time

The simple connection view makes it quick and easy to view what is on deck for the week, the goals, and even quickly look back at previous discussions

Do More

By focusing the convorsation on what matters, you can achieve more in less time.

Gain Insights

Throught consistent tracking of your collaboration you can gain insights and see progress occur over time.

Collaborate Better

Having a shared agenda keeps everyone aligned and focused on what is most important.

Choose a Bundle

With only two plans we make this simple. Manage a small number of connections for free or pay a small fee for up to 25 connections.


Small / Contributor

  • 3 connected teammates
  • Agenda Collaboration
  • Basic support


Large Team / Director

Easy to use
  • 25 Connections
  • Agenda Collaboration
  • Meeting Notes
  • Goal Tracking
  • Premium support
Coming soon

Build a stronger team - One meeting at a time